Data cabinets, Cloakroom equipment


Since 2000 we have helped in many sectors, whether financial or as material gifts, and supported a total amount exceeding EUR 120 000.


The value of the gift in EUR



86 266

purchase positioning beds for paediatrics ICU, purchase of incubator for a standard care for children's department in the hospital, contribution to the purposes of the surgical department, providing IT equipment, products of Triton Pardubice spol.s.r.o., a contribution to the purchase of video system EVIS EXERA II. for laparoscopic surgeries, a contribution to the renewal and supplementing of medical technologies


16 135

financing of educational and training activities, classroom equipment for computer technology, products of company Tritón Pardubice spol.s.r.o., the promotion of targets Zvoníčkova nadace


12 106

contribution to the recovery of damages by floods /plus contributions from the employees of company Tritón Pardubice spol.s.r.o. /, the financing of culture, education, fire protection, for the purposes of social, medical and environmental


5 493

supporting youth sports and physical education, funding and support for physical education activities and sports activities, contribution to the needs of team sports sections