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Cloakroom seats

Cloakroom seats

Cloakroom seats for plants, gyms, schools, and sport facilities. The frame is made of sturdy 30x30 mm steel profiles and the seat is laminated chipboard with 2mm ABS edging. Feet are fitted with plastic gliders. Cloakroom seats can be made in versions with hooks.

Wide cloakroom seats

Cloakroom seats

Height x length x depth (mm) 460 x 1200 x 350 460 x 1500 x 350 460 x 2000 x 350 460 x 2000 x 550
Weight (kg) 14 18 25 26
Order code ITL-04-X03-XXX-X2 ITL-04-X04-XXX-X2 ITL-04-X05-XXX-X2 ITL-04-X01-XXX-X2

Cloakroom seats with hooks
for laying down the shoesIt is possible to adjust the construction for laying down the shoes on customer's request.

Cloakrooms seats

Height x length x depth (mm) 1800 x 1200 x 430 1800 x 1500 x 430 1800 x 2000 x 430
Number of hooks 8 10 13
Weight (kg) 27 32 40
Order code ITV-04-X01-XXX-X2 ITV-04-X02-XXX-X2 ITV-04-X03-XXX-X2

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