Open frames RSX

RSX - A1

19” open frames suitable for the installation of equipment
in protected environments, capacity 150 and 800 kg

Single section frames

We recommend the single section open frames for simple installations without heavy components.

Double section frames

The double section 19“ open frame is more suitable for installation of heavier and larger devices.

During the development, we have focused on the simplicity of construction, easy installation and maintenance.

Rigid construction

Vertical profile rails provide a high maximum loading capacity and rigidity of an open frame.

Castors, levelling feet

Preparation for mounting of castors and levelling feet.

Stabilization set

It is additionally mounted on the base of the double section frame and increases stability of the whole set in case of installation of slide-out devices, e.g. servers.

Optional Accessory


Vertical cable management.

Power distribution units

Possibility of installing PDU in skeleton rails using holders.

Product variants

Description, usage

  • 19“ open frames are used for installations of devices in predetermined rooms.
  • Frames are produced single sectioned and double sectioned.
  • For better stability it is advisable to use a double section frame.
  • Frame construction:
       – Ready to assemble,
       – Steel parts joined by screws,
       – 19“ profile frame is suitable for placing directly on the floor using levelling feet or castors (castors are not a included).
  • Min. thickness of the surface finish is 65 µm.

More info

Operation conditions

Operation environment

  • the office
  • the cabinet is not intended for outdoor installations and for installations in environment that can negatively influence the functionality of the cabinet and the mounted devices (e.g. environment with danger of explosion or humid and wet surroundings).

Must be protected against

  • mechanical damage,
  • improper handling,
  • a different usage than the cabinet is intended for.

Improper handling is especially

  • overloading (exceeding the maximum recommended load),
  • device installation that can negatively influence the operation and function of the cabinet or the installed equipment,
  • change of the construction or design of the cabinet.

Installation of the cabinet

  • To ensure the maximum recommended load, it is necessary to distribute the load evenly.
  • Place the cabinet on a flat floor and adjust any differences using levelling feet.
  • To avoid dust penetration in case the cables lead through some of the cable openings, it is possible to sealed it using a blanking panel with a brush and equip it with a hem edge (both are included in the supply).

Environmental protection

  • All parts are made of recyclable materials and after decommissioning the cabinet, they must be disposed of according to relevant regulations.

Certificate and conformity

  • This product is fully in accordance with ČSN EN 62208 ed.2:2012.



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