Data cabinets, Cloakroom equipment

RFA - 3 sections

RFA - 3 sections

Allows installation of large equipment in a wall cabinet. IP20, capacity 50 kg.

1st section

The first section allows installation of 19“ equipment with a maximum height of 6U and depth of 450 mm. The device is positioned vertically and 19“ rails are infi nitely adjustable over the full depth of the cabinet. On the back wall is cable entry as well as at the top and bottom of cabinet. Cable connection between sections allow the opening at central divider. All cable entries have break-out covers..

2nd section

The second section offers mounting width 19“, height 12U and depth 450 mm. Mounting rails are infi nitely adjustable within whole depth. This section is usually used for structured cabling and active elements of the network. Here are individual services connected to the work places. The recommended capacity is up to 48 work places (2 ports per work place according to standards).

3rd section

The third section occupy whole bottom area of the wall cabinet. There is space for a device with a maximum depth of 800 mm, width 19“ and height depend the model of the cabinet from 2 to 7 Units. Access to this section is by a door on the right side of the cabinet. Beside the cabinet must be kept suffi cient space for the device installation and maintenance.

Flexible door opening

The hinge system allows the door to open almost 180°.

Adjustable vertical rails

One pair of vertical 19“ rails is freely-adjustable within the cabinet depth. This simplifi es mounting of the device and organisation of connecting cables.

Rigid construction

High quality workmanship and up-to-date technology ensure a perfect look of the cabinet

Bottom section for servers

19“ section in the lower part of the cabinet is designed for installation of servers and other devices on sliding rails. It may have a capacity of 2 to 7 Unit. Each section of cabinet is closed by lock, on request with a unique key.

Server installation

Rack-mount servers or similar devices with a depth of up to 800 mm are mounted into cabinet using special telescopic rails, which are specifi c to each device and are not part of the cabinet.

Cooling of installed equipment

Cooling by air fl ow through perforation of the frame and side door can be supported by installation of fans for wall-mounted cabinets (RAX-CH-X07-X9)

The original version with vertically stored server 2U is still available on request.

Product variants

Satefy hardened glass 5 mm thick
Steel sheet

Supply includes
Key - front door  4x 
Screw 6x50  6x 
Washer 6,6  6x 
Dowel 10  6x 
Captive nut M6  8x 
Blanking panel with brush  1x





A (mm)

Max server
gross (kg)
net (kg)
maximum recommended
load (kg)


700 2U 39,0 38,4 50


745 3U 41,5 41,0 50


790 4U 43,5 43,0 50


835 5U 45,5 45,0 50


880 6U 47,5 47,0 50


925 7U 50,0 49,5 50



2105 2003 487 600 600 3 83,0 75,8
• 19“ wall-mounted cabinet with IP20 protection
• Three separate 19‘‘ sections
• Cabinet is to be hanged right on the wall.
• Cabinet includes two adjustable vertical rails in each section.
• Cabinet construction:
– Welded frame
– Doors - a combination for different sections: safety hardened glass, thickness 4 mm (can be fully metal or perforated) solid steel and perforated
• Max. permissible load of the door is 10 kg.
• Min. thickness of the surface fi nish is 65 μm.
• Cabinets are intended for installation of data and telecommunication devices and their distribution systems.
• The frame of the cabinet and all the removable parts (side and rear covers, doors…) are bonded with patch cables that have to be properly fixed and inserted into connectors throughout the period of use of the cabinet.
• There is one M8 screw placed on the bottom part of the cabinet to connect the bonding.
• Cable openings covered with breakout-type blanking panels are placed in the top and the bottom part of the cabinet rear side, others are in the top and the bottom side of cabinet.
• Openings covered by break-out blanking panels, prepared for installation of cooling ventilators, are placed in the metal door of the fi rst section.


• Operation environment:
– Office
– The cabinet is not intended for outdoor installations and for installations in environment that can infl uence negatively the functionality of the cabinet and the mounted devices (e.g. environment with danger of explosion or humid and wet surroundings)

• Must be protected against:
– Mechanical damage
– Improper handling
– A different usage than the cabinet is intended for

• Improper handling is especially:
– Overloading (maximum recommended load exceeding)
– Device installation that can infl uence negatively operation and function of the cabinet or the installed equipment
– Change of the construction or design of the cabine

• Cabinet is to be hanged on the wall using the screws, dowels and washers (part of a supply). Spacing of holes designed for hanging is shown in the scheme.
• To secure the maximum recommended load, it is necessary to fi x the cabinet on the wall with an appropriate carrying capacity (brick, concrete or similar) and to distribute the installed loading equally.

• To avoid dust penetration in a case where cables lead through some of the cable openings, you can seal it using a blanking panel with a brush or secure by plastic frame (both are part of the cabinet supply).

• All parts are made of recyclable materials and after decommissioning the cabinet, it must be disposed of according to relevant regulations.

• This product is fully in accordance with ČSN EN 62208 ed 2:2012.


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