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Patch frame – 2nd generation

Patch frame – 2nd generation

How to connect devices in two cabinets?
The usual method, using the cable entry holes in the roof or in the base of each rack is laborious, time-consuming and the space capacity is often insuffi cient.
 TRITON has developed for its own cabinets unique patented solution – patch frame. After installing frame on the adjacent cabinet it replaces original door and greatly increases the capacity and convenience for cabling between racks.

Cable entries

Cable entries are covered with break-out plugs. At the point where you need to pull cables, plugs can be easily removed and frame construction guarantee the protection of cables, including compliance with the bending radius of optical cables.

Large capacity

We supply patch frames for the selected cabinets heights in two versions. 75 mm deep version offers cable entries with dimensions 150 x 35 mm, deepened 115 mm version then even 150x 75 mm. The most common patch frame for 42U high cabinet has on each side 6 of these cable entries.

Easy administration

The cabinet is supplied as standard with double wingdoors of all types - glazed, fully metal and perforated. After removing the door from its hinges, the re-cabling between cabinets almost becomes fun, only inserting cables into the prepared openings without pulling. It is possible to install separation frame into already fully loaded cabinets.

Cable tray

Need to connect equipment in cabinets, that are not directly adjacent? Nor is this a problem with patch frame. Just install on top the cable tray and you can easily bypass several cabinets exactly as needed. After closing the covers and doors and locking all of the cables protected from unauthorized access.

Patch frame Patent: PUV 2012-26482.

Patch frame – 2nd generation

Cable tray

Width (mm)

Depth (mm)


600 75


600 115


800 75


800 115

Patch frame

Height (U)

Width (mm)

Depth (mm)


42 600 75


42 600 115


42 800 75


42 800 115


45 600 75


45 600 115


45 800 75


45 800 115


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