Industrial cabinet RP

RP - Industrial cabinet Triton

Are you searching for cabinet for PC or control and operating elements for production hall ? Are you afraid of dust and further impurities on your technologies ? Triton RP cabinet will help you to solve this problem.

Technical parameters

IP protection: RPA - IP30
RPE - IP54
Max.load: 400kg
Earthing: Earthing point M8 and connection of removable parts
Vertical rails: Two pair of vertical rails in each section
Ventilation: RPA - natural ventilation through perforation
RPE - cooled by sharing heat with chassis
Cable entry : RPA - 370x90 mm in bottom, roof and back panel
RPE - screwed and sealed blanking panel in bottom
Front door: Upper 12U glass, 4 mm safety glass
Middle steel 4U, folding
Bottom steel 20 U
Back panel: Removable
Side panels: Removable


Variant RPA with IP30 has perforation in bottom and upper part including cable entries and adjustment for fan unit. Rear and side panels can be taken away after protective locks are unlocked.
Variant RPE with IP54 is designed especially for dusty environment. Cabinet has no perforation, all doors and side panels are sealed, which ensures protection against dust and humidity. Side covers are fixed by screws. Screwed blanking panel for cable installation is placed in the bottom. Method of cable leading inside the cabinet must correspond to requested IP protection level against dust or humidity.

Cabinet RP is offered with the height 37U and base 600 x 600 mm.