New accessories for fibre optics

Today we would like to introduce new versions of 19" accessories for fibre optics - telescopic and fixed fibre optic patch panels with front plates for different adapters. Tilting front plate enables easy manipulation with fibres. Patch panel is prepared for installation of splice cassette and there are also holders for fibres and cables inside the panel.

Fixed versions have adjustable 19" installation, so that location of patch panel can be set against the front vertical rail which is important for proper leading of connecting cables.

FO vana FO vana


RAC-FO-X57-A1 fixed FO panel 1U                     RAC-FO-X60-A1 fixed FO panel 2U

Telescopic versions provide ideal access to all parts of optical termination and comfortable fibre preparation.


FO vana FO vana


RAC-FO-X64-A1 telescopic FO panel 1U                          RAC-FO-X65-A1 telescopic FO panel 2U


Chassis and front plate of patch panel are delivered separately and therefore it is necessary to choose suitable panel according to a type of optical adapters.


Panel Panel


RAC-FO-X58-A1 Front plate 1U 24 ST                       RAC-FO-X61-A1 Front plate 2U 48 ST
RAC-FO-X62-A1 Front plate 2U 48 SC
RAC-FO-X59-A1 Front plate 1U 24 SC
RAC-FO-X63-A1 Front plate 1U 24 SC-Duplex


Practical management panel can be delivered as an accessory for FO panels. It is equipped with holders suitable for tightening or velcro tapes for fixing of connecting cables. Its construction prevent from cable damage by breaking. Panel can be installed both on front and back side.





These products replace existing versions.