Roof cooling unit

Roof cooling unit with static evaporator

This cooling unit is designed for keeping regulated maximal temperature inside TRITON cabinets with high protection category, model RIE. It can be used for this cabinet's type range only..

Technical parametres

Part number: RAC-KL-X01-X1
Weight: 46kg
Dimensions (w-h-d): 600x370x400mm
Rated operation voltage: 1NPE AC 230V 50Hz
Installed electric power: 0,6kW
Cooling output: 1 200W (4 095BTU/h)
Temperature range: +15 až +50 C
Acoustic power level: 46dBa
Refrigerant (type/capacity): R134a/400g
Operating outer temperature range: +10 až +50 C
Protection category: IP20


Electronic digital thermostat shows instantaneous temperature of cooled space that is measured by temperature sensor. Cold air is exhaled from the back part of the cooling unit and can be directed by system of flexible pipes. Exhaust warm air flue is placed in the front part of the unit.