Universal wall-mounted fibre optic box

Universal wall-mounted fibre optic box  RAC-FO-A07-X1

This steel wall-mounted fibre optic box with 2 divided sections (each has it`s own lock with unique key) is intended for termination and leading of fibres in data and telecommunication devices.

The larger section is designed for incoming and outgoing cables and inside there is a holder for splice cassette for welding of fibres. The cables are coming into this section via the chassis and are tightened in bushings. The smaller section is designed for fibres connecting using patch-cords and adapters. The adapters are installed on the middle dividing panel.

Opticky panel Opticky panel


Because the type of connectors is usually not known in advance, the part of the box are 3 panels for the most using connectors (24xST, 24xSC and 16xSC-Duplex). Both sections are sealed against dust by PUR sealing around the door and the special construction of the frame. The smaller section can be used as through-way part (the connecting cables lead out throught the slot under the door and lead to the next device) or as completely closed and then as dust-proof as well. This depends on the used inserted modules, material for the both versions is part of the packing.

Opticky panel

This box replaces and markedly improves the previous types RAC-FO-A02-X1 (24xST), RAC-FO-A05-X1 (24xCS) and RAC-FO-A06-X1 (16xSC-Duplex).