Wall-mounted server cabinet RFA

New wall-mounted cabinet RFA is designed to meet requests of small and middle firms. The cabinet is divided into three sections.


Section 1

19“ equipment with max. height of 6U and depth of 230 mm can be installed into the first section. The equipment is placed vertically and 19“ rails can be adjusted in predefined positions. Distribution power panel 230 V, adapters for active components or eventually for data incoming lines, are typical devices installed in this section.



Section 2

The mounting width of 19“, height 12U and depth of 230 mm are at the disposal in the second section, where mounting rails are infinetely adjustable. Structured cabling system and active network components are usually concentrated in this section. Distribution of particular services to working places come out of this place. Recommended capacity is up to 48 working places (two ports for each according to the standards).



Section 3

The third section occupies the whole area of cabinet rear side. There is a place for equipment with max. dimensions of 19“, height 2U and depth 800 mm, installed vertically. Side perforated door on the cabinet right side enables access to this section. Server 1U or 2U can be installed into this section. Enough place provided with the side door allow extension of the whole server on the side (in case of telescopic slides). It is necessary to consider sufficient space from the both sides yet before installing. Because of server installation on the right side and metal door of the first section on the left side. Cooling of installed equipment can be supported by installation of ventilators RAX-CH-X07-X9. There are two break-out blanking panels in the left perforated door for it`s mounting.